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Client Testimonials

The hundreds of clients we serve are unified by the single mission:
to feel empowered in their understanding of property taxes and assessments.

Unfortunately, the complexity of the NYC assessment system, the mysteries of the appeal process, and convoluted fee structures of this industry all create perverse incentives aimed at over-assessment.

The high degree of client satisfaction and nearly perfect customer retention rate are a testament to our ability to deliver consistent results and provide the taxpayers with the support system they need to take control of property taxes.


  • Rybak Development
    Malachite Group LTD
    ICER Brands
  • New Bedford Management
    Ashkenazy Acquisition Corporation
    Comfort Inn
  • Burger King
    Key Food Supermarkets
    United American Land
  • Life Quality BMW
    Trump Village West
    Fabco Shoes
  • CleanRite
    AB Capstone
    Waldorf Realty Co. (Kallas Family Partnership L.P.)
  • America’s Food Basket
    Platinum Realty Assosiates
    Holiday Inn Express
  • RJ Capital Holdings
    Omni Build, Inc.
    Quality Inn
  • Atlantic Diner
    Sumner Hotel
    Unity Funeral Chapels
  • Silvershore Properties