Our Mission

Develop and maintain a reliable property tax management system for New York City’s taxpayers

About Us

MGNY Consulting was established in 2008 with a humble vision of providing filing and support services to an underserved market of property owners faced with property liability issues, like outstanding tax charges and violations.

Through the years, MGNY has evolved into a multi-faceted property tax management and compliance outfit, with thousands of properties in its portfolio. Our happy clients, who range from one-family homeowners to national corporations, are delighted to count on a consulting firm that can meet all of their property tax needs.

Months and years of grueling research and analysis allowed MGNY to develop unique software capabilities, built on the principles of data transparency and usability. As a result, each client receives individualized attention and is encouraged to ask questions and challenge our team. There is nothing that we enjoy more than connecting with our clients personally and helping guide their tax strategy. MGNY has become a well-respected advisor to developers and owners throughout the five boroughs of NYC.

The expertise we have developed in working with a wide range of projects, as well as years of accumulated knowledge-base allows MGNY to flourish in the competitive market of property tax advisors.

MGNY is disrupting the traditional methods of tax certiorari business practices, and modernizing systems and processes through the use of technology, allowing for more focused and rapid client support.


Michael and Yuri immigrate to the US with their parents
MGNY is born in Gravesend, Brooklyn
MGNY moves to a 400 sq. ft. office at 10 Jay Street in Dumbo, Brooklyn
First 42 Tax Commission applications for correction are filed
First full-time assistant is hired
Custom Client-Management Software is launched
400+ tax appeal applications are filed
MGNY assists Brooklyn and Queens Developers in obtaining $1M+ in tax abatements
MGNY expands and moves to 18 Bridge Street (still in DUMBO!)
Client Portal is launched. The new way of protesting taxes is born!
1,000+ tax appeal applications are filed
MGNY establishes a new Affordable Housing Marketing Unit
2,000+ tax appeal applications are filed
MGNY celebrates its 10th Anniversary!

Our Team

Michael Geylik

Founder and CEO

Yuri Geylik

Chief Operating Officer

Faina Savich

VP of Assessment Review

Ashley Baldwin

Ashley Baldwin

Executive Assistant

Melanie Houle

Melanie Houle

Executive Assistant

Alex Chrisope

Affordable Housing Director

Andrew Tamayo

Affordable Housing Project Manager

Pia Yasay

Affordable Housing Project Manager

Sasha Hrytskevich

Affordable Housing Project Manager