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A refreshingly simple approach to Property Tax Management

A young company with an Impressive Track Record

Don’t let property taxes kill Your development dream

A New Paradigm in Property Tax Management

What is Property
Tax Management?

Some firms focus on the compliance aspect alone, while others only handle appeals. MGNY focuses on its clients by providing expert assistance in all real estate tax matters.

Achieving maximum tax benefits requires in-depth knowledge of assessment guidelines, appraisal methods, reporting requirements and the latest tax abatement and exemption rules.

We developed a comprehensive system of compliance assistance, administrative appeals, and other property tax reduction services.

What we Do

Our Mission

MGNY’s mission is to develop and maintain a reliable property tax management system for New York City’s taxpayers.

We strive to educate all stakeholders by unpacking complex assessment concepts and presenting them in an easy-to-understand manner. We advocate for fair billing practices and elevate the importance of compliance in an effort to give our clients the most value for their money.

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David Weinman | Fabco Shoes
Fabco Shoes is a thriving footwear chain in the tri-state area. Like many other property owners, Fabco was not satisfied with its long-time property tax advisors - both in terms of the fee structure and in terms of the results. In the short few months after transferring to MGNY, Fabco attained the level of tax savings they haven’t seen in years.

Fair and

MGNY believes clients should only pay for property tax reductions they can see - either in the form of a refund, or in lower property taxes.

MGNY rejects the long-standing billing practice of collecting an upfront fee based on a multi-year phase-in of tax benefits. In other words, “You don’t pay for a reduction you can’t see or understand!”

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