5 Pointz, Long Island City

5Pointz in Long Island, Queens

5 Pointz is a two tower, 50 story development located in the heart of Long Island City with striking views of the Manhattan skyline.




David Wolkoff - G&M Realty

MGNY’s approach to the affordable housing lottery at 5Pointz ushered in a new era of advertising and marketing 130% AMI projects. The average daily spend for advertising was $580 over a 5 month period. MGNY carefully crafted the website and digital ad messaging to reach a wide audience. This generated over 5 Million Facebook and Google Impressions and resulted in 22,330 applications - a new record in 130% AMI projects in NYC.

Project Highlights

lounge area at 5Pointz in Long Island, Queens
swimming pool at 5Pointz in Long Island, Queens
amenities at 5Pointz in Long Island, Queens


Applications on Housing Connect


Affordable Apartments total at 130% AMI


Total Applications Processed


Toured Applicants


Applicants Approved


Leases signed


Leases signed/week

The Challenge

MGNY’s greatest challenge was how to bring our personal, meticulous approach to every applicant in a project of this scale.

Walkway at 5Pointz in Long Island, Queens

The Solution

We managed this through several points of contact by phone, text, email. In person tours were carefully crafted to underline the building’s best features. Applicants were nurtured through the application and lease up process by our project managers and communications team. Several of the applicants left reviews of their experience on Google.

residences at 5Pointz in Long Island, Queens
Our Client

G&M Realty

David Wolkoff is an independent real estate developer. His father, Jerry Wolkoff was a self-made real estate development icon born in Brooklyn, NY. Through G&M Realty LLC, David has taken on his most ambitious project yet in 5Pointz LIC.

5Pointz in Long Island, Queens

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