Yuri Geylik

Yuri joined MGNY in 2011 as its COO. He develops and manages the firm’s business and operational processes, often focusing on securing long-term tax benefits for newly constructed and rehabilitated residential buildings (421a and J51 programs).

Yuri pioneered MGNY’s trademark all-around system of qualifying large development projects for Affordable New York Housing benefits (also known as “new 421-a”) by combining affordable housing marketing expertise with skilled navigation of the 35-year tax exemption qualification process.

As head of digital strategy, Yuri has led the firm to develop a groundbreaking software capable of analyzing NYC property tax assessments. Yuri personally works with clients in uncovering hidden opportunities while simultaneously training a team to deliver exceptional customer service. Yuri’s background in law and as a mediator for the New York Peace Institute offers unique benefits to MGNY clients.